Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Labeling: How to Manage Labels in AXP365

On April 5, 2022

Labeling plays a critical role in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process because labels act as unique identifiers for the material that is transacted during inventory operations. It is fundamental that all the information is printed clearly and precisely to ensure compliance and full supply chain traceability.

All the relevant information for printing should be centralized—avoiding parallel systems that increase costs, complexity, and the chance of errors. Furthermore, it is essential that printed information is up to date and there is a log of every label created. For these reasons, the pharmaceutical industry is moving towards enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that can easily integrate with label printing software.

How AXP365 Supports Pharmaceutical Label Management

The AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™ solution supports the label printing process with ease and accuracy, including the following benefits:

  • Integration with external label printing software via file drop technology, including Loftware, BarTender, ROBAR, NiceLabel, and more
  • Automatic or manual print of inventory labels upon material receipt, manufacturing, or shipment packing
  • Control on printed information, ensuring it comes from the ERP system and is consistent
    Flexible label content which can include different information depending on the purpose, the type of material, and the localization
  • Full integration with Microsoft’s Warehouse Management application—allowing easy printing or reprinting labels from a handheld/mobile device during daily warehouse operations
  • Capability to define available printers based on the warehouse and/or location where the transaction is taking place
  • Reprint labels, such as when they are damaged, unreadable, or lost
  • Full audit trail of both prints and reprints, logging all information related to the label including its data, the print/reprint reason, the number of copies, and the printing date and time
  • Printing labels as part of dispensing operations with information related to the weighing room, the related order, and weights with up to four decimals. You can automate the weighing and dispensing process with the AXP365 Weighing & Dispensing™ module of AX for Pharma 365™.

AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™ allows you to print the following pharma information on inventory labels:

  • Batch and sub-batch number, typically in a barcode format
  • Vendor and/or manufacturer batch number
  • Material shelf-life dates (manufacturing date, expiration date, shelf advice date)
  • Storage conditions (e.g., range of temperature/humidity required by the product) and storage attributes (e.g., flammability, corrosiveness)
  • Batch disposition code
  • Use code of the material
  • Material type/subtype
  • Cautionary statements
  • Container type
  • Weighing and dispensing information. The AXP365 Weighing & Dispensing™ module will allow your dispensing operators to use a smart device to capture barcodes on containers and instantly verify that the ingredients are intended for use in manufacturing.

Additional Benefits of AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™

New labels can be printed whenever any critical information for an item changes in the system in order to always reflect the most up-to-date information.
The label printing technology can be adapted to work either in on-premise or cloud machines, thus fully supporting the transition to modern cloud solutions.
The AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™ module grants employees a user-friendly experience—helping them avoid manual entries and reducing input mistakes. Labels are accurate, compliant with regulatory requirements, and standardized within the system, yet highly customizable. The printing process is flexible, with simple execution for warehouse workers and fully traced in the system.

Streamline Your Logistics Processes With AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™

AX for Pharma’s solution is specifically designed to help life sciences companies such as medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and biotech simplify and expedite their logistics processes. Let us show you how easy label management can be. Contact us today to learn more about moving your business forward with the AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™ module of AX for Pharma 365™.