Cloud Compliance Suite

AXP365 Configuration Management™

Designed to reduce the effort that comparing configurations and maintaining multiple environments require

Copying configurations and tracking changes can be a quick, low-risk activity with AXP365 Configuration Management™. Our solution has been specifically designed to reduce the effort that comparing configurations and maintaining multiple environments require.

AXP365 Configuration Management™ simplifies and accelerates the process of transferring configuration data among environments and legal entities. Two human-readable outputs are the results of this module: a Configuration Specification Document describing the environment configuration, and a Configuration Comparison Document which makes comparing configurations and documenting differences among environments easy.

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AXP365 Configuration Management™:

  • Allows you to automatically configure environments by exporting configurations and importing them to any other environment.
  • Compares configurations and generates the Configuration Comparison Document that will allow you to easily maintain alignment across environments and companies.

When a configuration is moved across companies or environments, AXP365 Configuration Management™ certifies the configuration change has properly occurred.

What you get with AXP365 Configuration Management™

  • Export configurations from the Master Configuration Environment (Golden Copy) and import them to any other environment
  • Generate a human-readable Configuration Specification Document that documents the environment configuration and will be useful in the import and validation processes
  • Compare the configuration of different legal entities or different environments and generate a Configuration Comparison Document that facilitates alignment
  • Document and certify Configuration Changes over time and validate that a configuration has been properly moved across companies or environments

Features of AXP365 Configuration Management™

  • Environments automatically configured through the process of exporting configurations and importing them to any other environment or legal entity
  • A Configuration Comparison Document to compare configurations and easily detect misalignment
  • Configuration changes recorded over time
  • A Configuration Specification Document documenting the environment configuration and ready to be imported into other environments
  • Configurations moved among environments

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