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AXP365 Configuration Management™

Simplify Your Validation Process and Streamline Configuration Enhancements with AXP365 Configuration Management TM | AX for Pharma

Whether you’re in pharma, biotech, life sciences, or medical devices, configuration management is an essential step. Copying configurations and tracking changes can be a quick, low-risk activity with AXP365 Configuration Management™. Our solution is specifically designed to reduce the effort that comparing configurations and maintaining multiple environments requires.

AXP365 Configuration Management™ simplifies and accelerates the process of transferring configuration data among environments and legal entities. Two human-readable outputs are the results of this module: a Configuration Specification Document describing the environment configuration, and a Configuration Comparison Document which makes comparing configurations and documenting differences among environments easy. For you, this means improved knowledge on the configuration changes and their impact.

Learn how our ERP Configuration Management Solution helps you manage configurations across multiple environments
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AXP365 Configuration Management™:

The validation process results streamlined by our AXP365 Configuration Management™ solution will:

  • Let you easily monitor environment configurations. All you need to do is export your configurations and compare them to a baseline version.
  • Help you maintain alignment by comparing configurations using the Configuration Comparison Document.
  • Give you peace of mind that the configuration changes were accurately tracked by comparing versions.

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What You Get With AXP365 Configuration Management™

When you choose AX for Pharma 365™, here’s what you can expect from our software solutions. 

  • Export configurations from the Master Configuration Environment (Golden Copy) and import them to any other environment. This seamless transportation of data reduces the likelihood of errors and improves consistency.
  • Understand the environment configuration by generating a user-friendly Configuration Specification Document. This document gives you confidence in validating information and helps you spot omissions or mistakes before they cause problems further down the chain.
  • With our help, you can harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to quickly compare configurations of different legal entities and environments.
  • AXP365 Configuration Management™ gives you confidence in your configuration. Documenting and certifying configuration changes over time ensures that configurations are transported properly between companies or environments—meaning there’s less chance of anyone relying on inaccurate or outdated configurations.

Features of AXP365 Configuration Management™

From boosting output to improving accuracy, AXP365 Configuration Management™ can support your life sciences, pharma, or medical device company through the toughest validation challenges. Here are the key features offered by our dedicated solution and why they matter

  • Automatic generation of a Configuration Specification Document: Save time, energy, and resources by automatically producing a document that lists the configurations of your ERP.
  • Configuration Comparison Document: Improve your understanding of your configurations, and easily detect errors by comparing them at a glance in just a few simple steps.
  • Recorded configuration changes: Manual configuration changes can get lost or misinterpreted. AXP365 Configuration Management™ provides information about configuration changes between your baseline and any of your environments for clarity and easier reference.
  • Portability: Configurations can be easily moved among environments.

Transform your ERP validation activities into the opportunity to proactively exploit the full power of your system. Contact the experienced team at AX for Pharma to learn how our AXP365 Configuration Management™ suite can help your company today.