Professional Services

Life Sciences Project Management & Implementation

Guarantee precise planning, standardize processes and ensure efficient execution with AX for Pharma 365™'s life sciences project management

The AX for Pharma 365™ Team Drives Quality and Profits

We will take firm control of the numerous aspects of your project to guarantee that your projects and large-scale programs are brought to a successful fruition. Combining precise planning and execution is the best path to cost containment, sustainability, growth, and profitability.

Solution Assessment

Process summary, identification of gaps, estimation of costs, and solution proposal.

Project Planning

Set "SMART" goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Launch and Execution

Complete all checklists, prepare, and execute scripts, and complete all task work.

Performance & Control

Measure with KPIs, assess project goals, and present deliverables.

Ongoing Support

Selection of a prescribed ongoing support plan aligned to business model.

By effecting consistency and repeatable results, the AX for Pharma 365™ project management model delivers the confidence you need for achieving success. Our team uses proven methodologies for driving the confidence needed in deploying industry best practices with processes that are standardized, quantified, and optimized.

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