Cloud Compliance Suite

Compliance is more important than ever, especially as highly regulated organizations move to cloud solutions

Cloud solutions present many opportunities and some challenges. While they offer cost savings, boosts in productivity, and more, they can also require multiple updates per year that present a major compliance threat to companies in life sciences and other highly regulated industries. Similarly, configuration changes that happen over time are difficult to document, maintain, copy, and compare.

AX for Pharma 365™ can easily mitigate the risks and harness the business opportunities that come with the cloud. We’ve designed the AXP365 Cloud Compliance Suite™ specifically to help life sciences organizations get the most out of the cloud while staying compliant with its modules: AXP365 Upgrade Assessment™, AXP365 Configuration Management™, and AXP365 Automated Testing™.

Learn how our solution keeps you compliant in the cloud alongside your ERP system
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AXP365 Upgrade Assessment™ helps evaluate high-risk modifications, identify process improvements, and streamline the upgrade activities.

AXP365 Configuration Management™ tackles the challenge that lies with configuration management and documentation. This module exports, imports, and documents configurations.

AXP365 Automated Testing™ provides full traceability of test runs and reduces the burden associated with system testing. It also enables test scripts recording and automates tests execution (performance testing as well as security testing) and documentation.


  • Reduce testing efforts by focusing on high-risk modifications with AXP365 Upgrade Assessment™
  • Suggest configuration changes and/or additional testing scenarios with AXP365 Upgrade Assessment™
  • Compare the setup of different legal entities or different environments with AXP365 Configuration Management™ and generate a comparison document
  • Certify configuration changes over time with AXP365 Configuration Management™
  • Reduce potential mistakes by limiting the human intervention with AXP365 Automated Testing™
  • Test configuration changes and offer a library of validated test scripts with AXP365 Automated Testing™


  • Associated risks and leverageable opportunities that come with the required service updates determined by AXP365 Upgrade Assessment™
  • Customers’ designed processes streamlined by leveraging new functionalities and enhancements with AXP365 Upgrade Assessment™
  • Environments automatically configured by exporting configuration from the master configuration environment (Golden copy) and importing it to any other environment with AXP365 Configuration Management™
  • All system business rules respected when moving configuration among environments with AXP365 Configuration Management™
  • Full traceability of test cases and test runs with AXP365 Automated Testing™
  • AXP365 Automated Testing™ fully integrated with Azure DevOps