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ERP Solution Assessment

Meet business objectives, fit your requirements and build industry software

Gain the Most Value from Your Life Science Solution

Your business is not standing still but constantly changing. And this is why our team always performs an ERP solution assessment - to create a solid road map and plan for aligning your business objectives. We take great care in producing this discovery for the purpose of identifying any requirements or unique processes that may need consideration.

Solution process

Comprehensive and Ubiquitous

We can implement your system at any location and, when needed, engage local resources. We assemble and manage all resources necessary to ensure your project’s success.

Our team evaluates your existing technology to understand how it can play an integral role in improving business processes. We recommend the solution assessment as the first step in implementing the industry-specific solution that is right for your organization.

Deep-rooted Knowledge

The AX for Pharma 365™ team has deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries and is different from other vendors who lack the industry knowledge or IP.

Instead of customizing a generic solution (which can be costly), we meet the majority of your requirements with our purpose-built industry software, AX for Pharma 365™. If you have already solved unique issues in your legacy system, we can add functionality that is of value to you by tailoring the software to fit your requirements.

Unmatched Experience

Our industry experience allows us to identify what we can solve with our extended functionality and what we should tailor to achieve your unique business objectives.

Our approach to system assessment combines a top-down (issues-driven) and bottom-up (direct observation) analysis delivered via a workshop with relevant business process owners.

Influencing Favorable Outcomes

We help you make informed decisions from the information gathered in the assessment process. A decision that is impinged on whether to transition to the cloud or keep all technology on premise can be affected successfully with best afforded information. We consider all options to determine the best fit for your company’s resources, skillsets, and for achieving your goals.

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