AXP365 Cloud Compliance Suite™

AXP365 Update Assessment™

Avoiding the risks introduced by new upgrades has never been easier

The multiple updates that cloud solutions require per year introduce changes that may affect your live system. AXP365 Update Assessment™ has been specifically designed for those companies that want to mitigate the risks caused by upgrades.

You can easily harness the business opportunities each upgrade brings with AXP365 Update Assessment™. The solution assesses the added value stemming from new features and enhancements and provides risk mitigation proposals to ensure compliance.

You can achieve extensive control over the risks and opportunities that arise from new functionalities, enhancements, and related changes throughout all modules, which will guarantee that your system continues to behave as expected after each update.

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Evaluating the risks that come with every update is one of the main recommendations of the Computer Software Assurance approach, and that’s where AX for Pharma comes into play. AXP365 Update Assessment™ will provide essential information to evaluate the impact on the designed modules of the system.

AXP365 Update Assessment™ helps you take advantages of all the improvements of the update.


  • Assess the risks associated with any updates of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management.
  • Mitigate the risks associated with the introduced changes that may impact your designed process. A risk mitigation proposal is always at your disposal.
  • Reduce and focalize the testing effort on the critical areas affected by the update.
  • Streamline your processes and seize business opportunities by leveraging new modules and features that may be available after each update.
  • Effectively manage new functionalities and the previously available ones after their enhancement.


  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation proposals
  • High-level comparison of code between two versions
  • Natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Testing effort reduced because of the focus on high-risk modifications

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