AXP365 Enterprise Asset Management™

Prevent downtime, boost efficiency, and drive growth using data in the Life Sciences industry

In the Life Sciences and pharmaceutical industries, assets matter. You need the ability to track assets, predict problems, and make data-driven decisions to carry those assets through their lifecycle.

This is where Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software can help. Whether you’re trying to reduce costs or track equipment availability, AX for Pharma has the tools you need.

  • Downtime costs businesses an average of $260,000 per hour. EAM software helps you save money by minimizing overall downtime.
  • By monitoring functionality in real-time, you can proactively schedule maintenance to keep equipment running longer and maintain machine availability.
  • EAM software alerts operators to issues before they become major problems to help keep production chains running smoothly.

AXP365 Enterprise Asset Management™ also helps Life Sciences organizations meet regulatory requirements by delivering a full audit trail and increasing the traceability of maintenance events, spare parts consumption, and machine/equipment availability. The solution makes compliance easy by enforcing Life Sciences industry standards and improving product and process quality at the same time.

An Optimal Approach to Asset Work Order Management

Built especially for the Life Sciences industry and integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, our EAM solution works for you 24/7. We know what you need from an asset management tool – and we’ve optimized our platform accordingly.

Benefits of Our Enterprise Asset Management Software

All enterprise asset management solutions aren't created equal. Here’s how you’ll benefit from choosing AXP365 Enterprise Asset Management™:

  • Easily make critical business decisions without slowing down your supply chain or compromising delivery times.
  • Reduce business disruption by properly maintaining equipment and machinery.
  • Rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 world-class performance.
  • Reduce costs by addressing problems early and eliminating expensive downtime.
  • Monitor your energy consumption and run your equipment more efficiently.

Unlike other EAM tools, ours is built specifically for Life Sciences organizations. We understand your needs and objectives – and we want to help you reach your goals.

Asset Management and Dynamics 365 | Features

  • Asset lifecycle management: Manage assets throughout their entire lifecycle, from crucial planning stages to disposal.
  • Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365: Our EAM solution is based on Dynamics365 asset management tools. From financial planning to inventory management, our solution gives you fully integrated access to your core information systems.
  • Data-driven insights: AXP365 Enterprise Asset Management™ gives you access to the reliable asset data you need, when you need it.
  • Regulatory compliance support: We designed our EAM system with regulatory compliance in mind, so you can focus on growing your business and delivering groundbreaking new products.

Get AXP365 Asset Management Software™ | AX for Pharma 365™

Your assets are key to your company’s success, and our solution can keep them going strong.

Contact us now to learn more about AXP365 Enterprise Asset Management™ and our entire suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions designed for pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and medical device manufacturers.