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GxP Fast Track

Speed implementation, allow for a modular approach and reduce complexity

AX for Pharma GxP Fast Track™ – a rapid pre-packaged end to end ERP solution for Life Sciences

AX for Pharma (AXP) GxP Fast Track™ is a pre-configured integrated end-to-end ERP solution for the Life Sciences industry that incorporates industry best practices and methodologies (GAMP 5) thus enabling rapid implementation and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). GxP Fast Track™ is the only fully integrated Finance and Operations ERP for Life Sciences companies that also provides industry specific modules “out of the box” to further expand your solution landscape and support all your business processes. AX for Pharma’s GxP Fast Track™ implementation represents the culmination of our company’s deep sector knowledge gained through decades of experience in developing software and implementing ERP solutions within the Life Sciences industry worldwide.

Who should use AX for Pharma GxP Fast Track™?

GxP Fast Track™ is an ideal solution for Pharma, Biotech, Clinical Supplies, and Medical Devices organizations with:
  • An immediate need of a rapid best in class sector specific ERP solution.
  • A need to replace legacy Dynamics AX or to extend generic Dynamics 365 installations.
  • A desire to replace heavily customized systems to a best in class fully integrated standardized end to end solution that implements industry best practice and methodologies.
  • Strict budgetary constraints that require a cost-effective solution that lowers total cost of ownership while enhancing quality and efficiency.

What are the benefits of implementing GxP Fast Track™?

  • Reduce complexity by rationalizing existing procedures to align with industry best practice.
  • Guarantee quality by ensuring work is done in a pre-defined and optimized way each time.
  • Mitigate quality and compliance vulnerabilities through integration and standardization.
  • Purchase what you need and when, a modular approach enables companies to choose which elements to implement and provides greater flexibility.
  • Easy to use and familiar Microsoft user interface that facilitates adoption.
AXP for Pharma 365 saves months on ERP implementation time

GxP Fast Track™ speeds implementation and lowers costs

GxP Fast Track™ significantly reduces implementation time and cost by leveraging best practices, pre-configurations, templates, and validation packages.

End-to-end ERP solutions that integrate multiple AXP modules are achievable in about 6 months versus 12+ months when using our GxP Fast Track™ implementation methodology. Our expertise reduces the analysis time while our preconfigured models vastly simplify the design phase. Our out-of-the-box features and fully integrated modules have been specifically designed to fulfill the industry typical requirements, thus almost eliminating the need for costly developments and their impact on the project timeline. Our user-friendly solution, supported by training material and certified trainers, limits the time necessary to familiarize with it. Our extensive validation documentation, combined with our experience, streamlines the process, and reduces the effort. Our proven methodology and the guidance from our skilled resources ensures a smooth transition to the new ERP system.

Our end-to-end fast track solution is built on a solid Microsoft foundation and powered by Dynamics 365. This integration provides a whole host of advantages and benefits that enhance security, usability, availability, and ability to leverage Microsoft’s broad range of software and technologies all while lowering total cost of ownership TCO.