AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™

Fulfill orders accurately and ship products efficiently with a warehouse management system designed for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries

Distributing drug products and managing end-to-end logistics is a complex challenge for companies in the highly regulated pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. Not only does your company have to manage large volumes of orders and inventories, but you must also adhere to strict quality control procedures and stringent regulatory requirements. Moreover, many traditional paper-based processes for managing warehouse and logistics operations can increase the risk of exposure to human errors and non-compliance with industry regulations.

AXP 365 Advanced Warehouse Management™ module – which is natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations - is specifically designed to help pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies simplify, streamline, and expedite all logistics processes.

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AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™ gives you real-time visibility into — and control over — everything from inventory management to weighing and dispensing, manufacturing, order fulfillment, and shipping. It allows you to digitally share reports, inventory transactions, packing lists, and other essential information to assure the timely and systematic flow of inventory and data to the relevant people. As a result, you can precisely track every unit from the moment it arrives in your warehouse to when the final drug product is delivered to the customer.

With accurate inventory tracking and real-time data sharing, you will also enable your company to follow GMP standards and other industry guidelines.

Together, all these features make AX for Pharma 365 Advanced Warehouse Management™ a powerful tool for transforming your end-to-end logistics process while helping your organization shine in today’s highly competitive pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device markets.


  • Implement and use easily.
  • Accelerate order cycles.
  • Improve visibility of inventory.
  • Increase data and order accuracy.
  • Enables you to follow GMP guidelines.


  • Natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Real-time inventory management and data sharing.
  • Label printing and reprinting.
  • Integrated with the AX for Pharma 365 Weighing & Dispensing™ module.
  • Material verification and consumption against production orders.

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