AXP365 Clinical Supplies™

Gain efficiency and end-to-end visibility of your clinical supply chain by adopting a manufacturing and distribution solution that has been tailor-made to meet the unique demands of clinical supplies

Clinical trials are among the most critical elements of the drug development process, but they are also one of the most complex. Study designs are more elaborate than ever and are often held across multiple sites, spanning many countries, each with its own set of unique requirements.

Agile and efficient supply chains are required to effectively serve globally dispersed sites, delivering costly comparator drugs and delicate investigative compounds. This process involves paying close attention to a wide range of factors, including inventory, demand planning, compliance, and logistics.

Unlike generic enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, the AX for Pharma 365 Clinical Supply™ module has been built to cope with these exact demands. It is natively integrated within Microsoft Dynamics 365, and could be interfaced with any other high-level ERP solution. This significantly improves the forecasting, planning, manufacturing, and distribution processes of clinical trial supplies — resulting in multiple benefits that will set you apart from the competition.

Learn how our Solution ensures Overall Visibility and Control across your entire Clinical Supply Chain
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By increasing connectivity across the entire value chain, you can realize a step change in efficiency. Not only will you be able to react to changes in demand at the touch of a button, but with predictive insights, you’ll also be able to stay one step ahead of issues that may occur during any part of the process.

On-time deliveries and real-time inventory will enable you to reduce waste. The solution also fully helps you seamlessly follow Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines and significantly reduce your exposure to regulatory risk.

The result is a whole new level of operational effectiveness that leads to faster, more effective clinical trials — with significant cost savings too.


  • Increase connectivity across the entire value chain.
  • Provide predictive insights to track inventory and anticipate demand.
  • Facilitate optimized planning, production, and delivery.
  • Deliver a comprehensive audit trail for full traceability.


  • Demand planning — Calculate demand and intelligently aggregate production at different levels of clinical products (API, DS, DP, bright stock, finished goods, deliverable units), as well as at each site level of your supply chain network.
  • Clinical manufacturing — Transform your operations by streamlining your production flow and providing management of external and internal manufacturing and full lot genealogy.
  • Packaging and labeling — Create hierarchical packaging of blister cards, bottles, medical kits, boxes, and pallets with unique sequence numbers and print barcoded labels for delivery units.
  • Clinical distribution — Receive support with the distribution requirements for clinical products such as storage environment control, country-specific import and export permit regulations, and licensing procedures.
  • Warehouse management — Manage the logistical requirements of moving clinical products, tracking and tracing goods by expiration dates, and handle lot-tracking via handheld devices.
  • Clinical projects planning and budgeting — Capture all scheduled activities, resources, planned costs, and materials for a project combined with a fully configurable hierarchy of work breakdown structure.
  • Dynamic response to changes — Leverage powerful visualizations to assess the impact of different inputs on future outputs in real time, and use the insights to inform key business decisions for clinical operations and manufacturing teams.

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