Pharma Supply Chain Management

Full product traceability and process control with a comprehensive supply chain management solution which previously required separate ERP, LIMS, and MES systems

Managing an efficient supply chain and an ever-growing number of supply chain partners is a major challenge for pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations.

That’s why AX for Pharma offers an end-to-end integrated solution that allows you to easily track products and prevent inconsistent or duplicated data. It also enables pharma and life sciences companies to get true end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations and operational performance accuracy from a single solution as part of AX for Pharma 365™, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

AXP365 Pharma Supply Chain Management™ is specifically designed to help organizations increase operational responsiveness to changes, reduce human error from manual data entry, ensure the highest quality product, and improve patient safety.

Learn how our solution increases process efficiency as a fully integrated solution
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Integrating supply chains increases operational process responsiveness to changes while addressing compliance and lifecycle management challenges. AX for Pharma places a high priority on complying with Good Automated Manufacturing Practice standards aimed at ensuring the highest quality product and the patient safety.

Pharma and life sciences companies reduce the risk of endangering patients through our module because it prevents users from entering inconsistent or duplicated data. You’ll achieve efficiency and optimization through a comprehensive supply chain management solution which system previously required separate ERP, LIMS, and MES systems.

An end-to-end integration helps you gain real-time visibility into supply chain operations, which leads to better decision-making and the ability to more easily track items. You’ll see enhanced transparency and reliability.


  • Full control over all your supply chains with the transparent ability to track every unit in all locations
  • Ensure product quality while maintaining safety and accuracy
  • Electronic signature functions fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Full compliance with highly regulated life sciences GAMP standards
  • Preconfigured out-of-the-box solution seamlessly integrated in Dynamics 365
  • Full integration with AXP365 AQM™, AXP365 AWM™, and AXP365 W&D™


  • Capability to isolate and block a specific sub batch/container
  • Approved vendor lists, manufacturer lists, and customer lists
  • Configurable approval workflows, item numbers, and batch numbers
  • Advanced reporting tool and Power BI
  • Handling instructions
  • Storage conditions and attributes
  • Enterprise labeling solution
  • End-to-end sub batch management

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