Azure Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Discover a secure and economical way to operate your biotech, pharma, or medical device company with Dynamics 365 ERP in the cloud.

From small and medium through enterprise-level organizations, all business sizes can benefit from migrating to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Your operations will gain the advantage of unmatched security, compliance, and the technical expertise that Microsoft and AX for Pharma provides.


Rock-Solid Security

Microsoft’s investment in 54+ secure, futuristic data centers and over 70 compliance offerings ensure that your cloud deployment is safe and continuously shielded against intrusion. More than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts stand ready to protect your business assets and data in Azure.

With an investment in several dozen secure and cutting-edge data centers, along with scores of compliance offerings, Microsoft guarantees that your cloud deployment is actively safeguarded from all kinds of security breaches with constant monitoring. Countless global security analysts, engineers, and first-responders stand on the vanguard of protecting your business assets and intellectual property in Azure.

Your pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical device company handles sensitive data and must comply with the stringency of federal regulations. Rest assured that you can move any application, website, database, or server safely and efficiently to the cloud with Azure — where critical infrastructure is handled with a white-glove approach for your organization. With offerings that include unsurpassed security, data assurance, business continuity, and disaster recovery, Microsoft makes the effort of deploying pharmaceutical applications effortlessly from anywhere in the world.

“If you’re resisting the cloud because of security concerns,
you’re running out of excuses.”

Forrester Research

Uptime Guaranteed from Microsoft

Microsoft delivers 99.99% uptime through its cloud services. No on-premise servers can match this level of service and, with Microsoft shielding your applications and data, your operational cadence will not be interrupted.

Unshackle Your IT Resources

Improve efficiency and productivity by relieving your high-level IT resources so that they can dedicate the majority of their capacity to engineering innovation rather than redirecting energies to resolving technical issues.

Increase Speed and Productivity

Experience immediate gains in speed and productivity when you migrate to Azure. These advantages continue to evolve as your resources are free to focus on strategic goals rather than spending their time defending your infrastructure from threats.

Mitigate Risks

There’s a reason why 95% of Fortune 500 companies selected Azure Cloud Services. They recognize the significantly decreased exposure to risk for business operations when moving applications to a robust and secure IT environment.

Gain Control of Your Cloud Spend

Take advantage of no upfront costs and only pay for what you use. Benefit from flexible pricing that fits within multiple budgets and cloud scenarios. Scale up or throttle down to stay in tempo with your business.

You Are Not Alone – AX for Pharma Guides You Through the Entire Process

AX for Pharma affords you the technology, training, and support to make your upgrade or migration to Dynamics 365 on the Azure platform pain-free and efficient. We know the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries and deeply understand Microsoft technologies. The AX for Pharma’s team is uniquely qualified to navigate you to the best decision for efficacy while sustaining infallible operations.

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