Multiple Methods to Match Your Learning Style

Multiple Methods to Match Your Learning Style

Your Life Science ERP solution is a powerful platform that allows your business to grow, boost productivity, increase profitability, and improve customer satisfaction. Make the most of your system by empowering your employees with tools that will enhance roles and achieve goals. Widen utilization and augment ROI by training your people to reach levels of efficiency and acclimation never seen before.

Enable Your Employees to Act with Confidence through Comprehensive Training

AX for Pharma 365™ provides training options to match every learning style, so you can select the best programs for your company.

  • Train the Trainer
    We train your selected employees who train their colleagues.
  • Train New Employees
    Engage us to onboard new employees with an overview of the solution or private training sessions.
  • Documentation
    A knowledge base of essential functionality of the software is documented for your users.
  • Process Documentation
    We provide comprehensive material that can be appended to your internal library of operating instructions.
  • Test Scripts
    Use our proven test scripts to ensure that everything is working as expected and to your requirements.
  • Videos
    A collection of how-to video demonstrations help visual learners master different activities.
  • Standard Operating Procedures
    As an additional service, we can author standard operating procedures aligned to your business needs.

Get the Most out of Your Life Science ERP Solution with Tailored Training

Our in-house solutions team is uniquely qualified to create a flexible ERP training program for your employees while providing educational resources that nurture both learning and mastery of disciplines.

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