Professional Services

Upgrades and Migrations

Quick and Pain-Free Upgrades

Do you have a heavily customized Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP? AX for Pharma 365™ provides ERP upgrade and migration services for an effortless transition to the most recent, standardized technology from Microsoft Dynamics 365. Are you juggling multiple silos of applications and information? We will make sure everything is interconnected in harmony and maintains the tempo to keep your operations on pace.

Migrating from Other Systems

When changing ERP systems, the biggest concern for you might be the possibility of losing the detailed data history that you need from the legacy system. We will collaborate with you to migrate the data that you need by building a cost-effective plan. We will also help you measure the cost/benefit, so you can make the best informed and realistic decision for your operations.

Why AX for Pharma 365™?

If you’re planning large-scale business process changes or restructuring your business model, we are the perfect technology partner for your efforts. We offer advice and support to replace complex and customized ERP applications with the most current industry-specific, integrated, and compliant solutions. Our proficiency with Microsoft AX software is all-encompassing across a spectrum of wide and varied version-specific functionality. Additionally, we can evaluate whether Dynamics 365 can replace the legacy customizations you currently have that may be impeding your objectives.

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