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Productivity Will Soar When You Integrate Your Systems

Productivity Will Soar When You Integrate Your Systems

What happens when you have stand-alone silos of information in your organization due to unconnected applications?

  • Your departments can’t share data easily and will have to duplicate efforts.
  • You incur out-of-control costs as you struggle to make systems work the way you work.
  • Your people do more manual activities which result in inevitable errors.
  • You will need extra effort to create meaningful reports.
  • It takes longer to accomplish the simplest tasks.

An End-to-End Integrated Solution for Efficient Operations

We offer a fully-integrated solution without the need to reinvent the wheel to gain already tested and proven functionality. AX for Pharma 365™ is a fully integrated ERP solution for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries based on the transparent, agile, and powerful ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365. Gain all the functionality for your life science business with our 100% integrated business solution.

Connect All the APPS You Use

If you have separate and external applications you rely on and want to continue using, AX for Pharma 365™ can integrate these into our comprehensive Life Science ERP. We can connect your systems and eliminate the need for human intervention. Our in-house subject matter experts and engineers can integrate your current apps and create one homogenous solution.

Choose a Partner Who Knows What You Need in a Business Solution

Pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies require more than one area of expertise in a technology partner. The regulatory and compliance challenges they face are formidable.

AX for Pharma’s deep understanding of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries, our hands-on business experience, and technical knowledge is the right combination of skills to implement, tailor, and support a life science business system that will enable you to thrive.

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