AXP365 Weighing and Dispensing™

Weigh and Dispense With Confidence — Choose AX for Pharma 365™ for Safer, Faster Drug Manufacturing

Accurate weighing and dispensing is key to consistently delivering safe and effective drugs to market. Even the smallest deviation in measurements can alter a drug’s effectiveness, compromise patient safety, and damage your commercial reputation. Weighing and dispensing with accuracy improves consumer confidence, safeguards patients, and ensures you’re fully compliant with quality control and regulatory standards.

The problem? The process for dispensing in the pharmaceutical industry often relies on compiling paper and digital records, but manual data logging is time-consuming and risky.

So, to lower costs, improve control, boost accuracy, and ensure regulatory compliance, you can implement the AXP365 Weighing & Dispensing™ module of AX for Pharma 365™ — natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The AXP365 Weighing & Dispensing™ module will allow your dispensing operators to use a smart device to capture barcodes on containers and instantly verify that the ingredients are intended for use in manufacturing. Next, they can use the module’s integrated electronic scales to weigh the correct quantity of ingredients before automatically printing a dispensing label with all relevant information for material identification.

Learn how AXP365 Weighing and Dispensing™ is the ERP solution for compounding operators
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Streamline Your Weighing and Dispensing System With AX for Pharma 365™

To weigh and dispense properly, you need the right tools. The AX for Pharma 365™ ERP system is uniquely designed to improve the speed, accuracy, and reliability of your weighing and dispensing process.

  • Instantly transfer measurements to improve inventory reconciliation.
  • Build and track your inventory for full traceability.
  • Create consistent, automated instructions to preserve product quality.
  • Comply with operating procedures with global and material-specific processing rules.
  • Ensure 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with electronic signatures.

Benefits of Accurate Weighing and Dispensing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The process of accurately weighing drug ingredients can be complex. Here’s why it’s worth digitizing and automating your process using an ERP system.

  • Measuring helps you guarantee product consistency at every stage of the manufacturing process.
  • By measuring and weighing with accuracy, you’re complying with 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Automation lets you verify materials and drug quantities with ease.
  • Digitizing the weighing and dispensing process reduces the risk of error.

How do you reap the benefits of accurate weighing and dispensing in the pharmaceutical industry? With an ERP system from AX for Pharma 365™.

AXP365 Weighing & Dispensing™ Module Features

To help you overcome the challenges of dispensing in the pharmaceutical industry, the AX for Pharma 365 Weighing & Dispensing™ module delivers a variety of key benefits.

  • Natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Integrated with the AX for Pharma 365™ ERP solution
  • Step-by-step dispensing instructions
  • Calibrated electronic scales
  • Automatic data capture and inventory reconciliation
  • Dispensing labels and reports printing

Simplified Weighing and Dispensing System From AX for Pharma 365™

Still unsure about how our weighing and dispensing system can help you streamline your drug manufacturing processes? Here’s a look at the AXP365 Weighing & Dispensing™ module in action.

Weighing and Dispensing in the Pharmaceutical Industry | Choose AX for Pharma 365™

If you’re a Biotech, Medical, or Pharmaceutical company looking for safer, faster, and more accurate drug manufacturing techniques, AX for Pharma can help. Our product enables you to weigh and dispense ingredients with ease, all while lowering production costs and supporting your regulatory compliance efforts.

Contact us for more information on the AX for Pharma 365™ ERP system or the AXP365 Weighing & Dispensing™ module.