Biotech ERP

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We Accelerate Your Biotech Efforts with Perfect Results Every Time

Producing drugs through the utilization of living cells to the development of substances with pharmacological activity demands steady focus and tools that assure the production of the best results.

With numerous requirements and expectations, our fully-integrated solutions seamlessly meet the challenges of genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and more, to help you create drugs that reduce and eliminate infectious diseases.

We not only understand your demands but know how to tailor our solutions to optimize your effort from R&D to manufacturing, clinical trials, and supply chain management. And in this partnership, we guarantee your success and peace of mind.

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How Life Science Companies Can Improve Their Market Value

The demands on biotechnology companies are unyielding and, with that said, the resilience of the systems they rely on should be too. This is why AX for Pharma 365™ was created as the only solution that addresses all biotech needs from planning to manufacturing, demand forecasting, production, compliance, financials, and reporting. Along with the robust platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at its core, AX for Pharma 365™ remains everlasting and powerful. And this is how we remain confident in delivering the results you expect.


  • Monitor the financial health of your business in real-time.
  • Automate project management that adheres to budgets while displaying outcomes.
  • Ensure transparency into your complete supply chain by managing capacity, consumption, and movement.
  • Cultivate stronger relationships with customers while converting opportunities into engagements.
  • Build on smarter decisions navigated by intelligent manufacturing operations.
  • Harvest data-driven efforts that provide insightful dynamic visualizations while reducing risks.