AXP365 Cloud Compliance Suite™

AXP365 Automated Testing™

Improve Software Reliability and Enhance Product Quality with AXP365 Automated Testing™

Unexpected behaviors in software can be critical for product quality and—more importantly—patient safety. Improving software functionality, then, is key to helping you continue your invaluable work in pharmaceutical and related industries.

The main issue? Manual testing is flawed. Humans make mistakes, especially when pressed for time. And your life sciences company needs assurance that software will behave as expected so you can guarantee continuous compliance.

A major benefit of AXP365 Automated Testing™ is that it helps life sciences companies reduce human errors by automatically executing test scripts and generating documentation.

As part of the Cloud Compliance Suite module, its recording functionality facilitates keeping up with continuous cloud updates that would require system retesting activities. Not only does this extremely valuable functionality limit time-consuming practices, but it also enables you to have a library of test scripts always at your disposal.

The result? Your team can focus on what it does best: developing effective products to keep patients safe and healthy. 

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AXP365 Automated Testing™ constantly ensures that GxP-critical software products are reliable throughout their lifecycle.

Based on Test Automation, AXP365 Automated Testing™ supports continuous validation by providing evidence that the solution fulfils the required compliance and the system behaves as expected.

AXP365 Automated Testing™ provides full traceability of test runs, audit trails, and electronic signatures.

Why Choose AXP365 Automated Testing™?

At AX for Pharma, we know that change can be overwhelming. However, automating your software testing has many benefits over relying on manual testing processes.

Automation Streamlines the Testing Process

When you rely on manual software testing, it’s challenging to keep track of a growing body of scripts. The result? Wasted energy and resources.

That’s where automation comes in. The bigger the script library, the higher the variety of the compliant steps that can be leveraged, and the faster the creation of new scripts.

The good news is that with the AXP365 Automated Testing™ module, there’s no need to start from scratch. Instead, you can copy, nest, and embed a full script or a set of commands in just a few steps. Our testing module helps you hasten test creation and leverage the quality of already compliant scripts.

Automate the Testing Process to Save Time

Manual testing typically means repeating the same process multiple times to track different outcomes. However, with AXP365 Automated Testing™, you do not need to record the same process over and over again.

Instead, you can record a script once and use it as the foundation for multiple test runs without losing track of the original script. The solution allows you to record once and use that process as part of multiple tests, so you can focus your efforts on developing software quality, drug safety, and patient wellness.

Take Advantage of a Testing Solution Designed for Life Science Companies

Life science companies developing drugs and medical devices have unique compliance requirements that demand strict record-keeping and paper trails. With AX for Pharma’s automated testing solution, organizations in pharma, biotech, and more can leverage features such as:

  • Tags
  • Version control
  • Audit trails
  • Electronic signature
  • Screenshots
  • Reports

And more to ensure continuous compliance and quality of the generated documentation. The security measures inherent in tools from AX for Pharma 365™ ensure the segregation of duties and responsibilities.

Integrate with Azure DevOps

You decide the degree of configuration you want AXP365 Automated Testing™ to have with Azure DevOps. The solution allows you to create projects and scripts and store test runs and their results within Azure DevOps, so you don’t have to toggle among software. You can automatically create bugs and tasks on Azure DevOps, including all script details, steps, and screenshots.

Continuously Validate Your Test Scripts

Easily launch the execution of the test library or a set of scripts so you know that version updates, customizations, enhancements, or changes in configuration have not impacted software in unexpected ways. You can periodically challenge the system to ensure its continuous compliance.

Ease of Access

One of the key benefits of AXP365 Automated Testing™ is how user-friendly and accessible it is, even for those with limited coding or tech expertise. Our testing solution offers a code-free experience so any user can quickly learn the steps required to enjoy the full breadth of its functionality. Users can access loops, field validation, values comparison, conditional steps, and more in just a few clicks.

AXP365 Automated Testing™ Features

  • A library of validated test scripts to accelerate your implementation
  • Test scripts scheduled, executed, and recorded
  • Ensured scalability with the ability to simulate real-life situations
  • High modularity to leverage the existing script library
  • Training from our experts
  • Ensured traceability of test cases and test runs
  • A supported agile approach
  • The ability to create of custom steps
  • A simply, quick onboarding process

Revolutionize Your Testing Practices – Choose the AXP365 Automated Testing™ solution

Software testing is critical to the proper functioning of your enterprise systems, but manual testing comes with many risks.

Our testing tool revolutionizes your testing capacity so you can focus on innovation and product development while ensuring the system operates as expected.

Whether you’re a pharma, biotech, or medical company, AX for Pharma puts you firmly in control of your testing capabilities. Let us demonstrate how to make automated testing work for you – contact us today to book a free consultation with an AX for Pharma expert.