How Data Sharing Improves Drug Development

On September 19, 2023

Technical advances have paved the way for closer collaboration between biotech/pharma companies and CDMOs.

We’ve been noticing a new trend that enables pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms to collaborate more closely with their CDMOs. It’s a data-sharing strategy that gives partners, suppliers, and other key stakeholders unprecedented access to real-time quality and supply chain information, important documents, training systems, and more.

This type of increased visibility and transparency can lead to better decisions, greater speed and accuracy, and overall efficiency, but it’s only possible if your data house is in order.

To embrace data sharing without worrying about security or privacy issues, three items are essential:

  1. A digital Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, with supply chain management and quality management modules designed for life sciences organizations
  2. A Master Data Management (MDM) solution
  3. An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution

Supply Chain and Quality Management

AX for Pharma has been building life sciences-specific ERP modules on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics AX platforms since 2008. Our AXP365 Pharma Supply Chain Management™  module is a powerful, state-of-the-art solution used by pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and medical device manufacturers worldwide to accurately track raw materials, components, and other products. The pre-configured, out-of-the-box solution meets or exceeds all Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) standards.

Similarly, our AXP365 Advanced Quality Management™ module goes beyond laboratory processes to streamline sample management, stability studies, environmental control monitoring, and more.

Together, these two modules provide everything you need to integrate your supply chain and manufacturing, while streamlining workflows and automating compliance.

Master Data Management

When the data from these modules is fed into an MDM solution, like our Master Data Management Studio, you can easily establish validation and distribution policies to get the right data into the right hands at the right time—across multiple applications—using dynamic staging tables.

To ensure the appropriate governance, you can accept or reject data changes based on approvals from the right authorities and assign master data access only to those who require it.

Electronic Data Interchange

The last piece of the puzzle is a solution that simplifies secure communication and collaboration among companies. Our EDI Studio, for example, offers friction-free administration with standard configurations, tracking, and control capabilities. Companies generally use EDI Studio to make ordering and invoicing more efficient, more dependable, and easier to manage through integration with the processes of customers, suppliers, and distribution centres. The solution also integrates EDI communication with standard Dynamics 365 for Operations. Business stakeholders can take ownership of EDI exchanges and easily resolve errors, which are generally non-technical.

Common usage scenarios include optimizing the supply chain through automatic ordering, exchanging intercompany orders and other documents across separate instances of Dynamics 365, validating transactions and purchase order confirmations, processing large order volumes, and broadcasting pricing and product updates to retail POS systems.

Gain the Advantages of Data Sharing Now

Demand for contract development and manufacturing is showing no signs of slowing down, and pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms are keeping their eyes out for CDMOs that embrace advanced digital technologies that can give them a competitive edge.

By adopting cloud-based, digital systems, CDMOs can optimize operations, foster collaboration, and position themselves as industry leaders in the era of advanced drug manufacturing.

To learn how solutions from AX for Pharma can help your business drive growth, innovation, and efficiency through advanced data management, analytics, and sharing, please contact us today.