Five Ways AXP365’s Warehouse Management App Optimizes ERP Production Consumption

On June 22, 2022

Material consumption is a critical step of the manufacturing process for regulated industries. From a quality and traceability standpoint, it is important to know the exact quantity consumed from each different batch of ingredients—and from an inventory standpoint—the quantity stocked in warehouses to plan replenishments.

Traditionally, enterprise resource planning (ERP) production consumption was done through the ERP client installed on a computer. This system provided the necessary level of detail and reporting, but at the cost of lost time when data had to be manually entered.

Today, AXP365 provides a warehouse management app that allows for mobile device-based production consumption.

Below are five key benefits of the AXP365 warehouse management app that make it an ideal tool for ERP production consumption.

1. The mobile app allows for real-time data entry

The user is able to report the exact quantity without loss of time or the introduction of errors in terms of data transcription in ERP. The app sends to ERP all the detailed information about batches, items, and quantities needed to create the production consumption journal at the end. It also allows the registration of extra, partial, or unplanned consumption, which means that production flows smoothly and with no interruption.

2. It syncs with ERP in real-time

Any changes made are immediately reflected in your ERP, which allows real-time updates of on-hand inventory quantities to optimize logistics and material procurement. This will help reduce time wasted traveling to and from the warehouse and informing workers of potential ERP stock discrepancies.

If there are discrepancies between the quantity in the ERP and the actual batch and sub-batch quantities, the system automatically adjusts it. For example, it is possible to mark a sub-batch (e.g., a container) as empty, and the system automatically adjusts out the ERP remaining quantity. Or, for the opposite case, it is possible that the actual quantity is more than the quantity registered in the ERP, so the mobile device allows for the consumption of the actual quantity and the client automatically adjusts it.

The mobile app helps to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

3. Get advanced checks on batch before consumption

The mobile app applies multiple advanced checks on batch during the consumption to avoid the consumption of:

    1. Expired batches
    2. Batches with batch disposition code not allowing consumption in production
    3. Batches reserved for another order
    4. Batches not listed in the batch order formula
    5. Batches segregated for another purpose

4. The mobile app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for first-time users

The mobile app is designed to be extremely user-friendly, and the user is guided step by step in the procedure. Since the mobile app can be installed on hand-held devices with a scanner, data entry is fast and requires just a few scans of barcodes printed on labels.

5. It can be customized according to specific needs, making it an extremely versatile tool

Mobile app menus can be configured based on customer needs. Steps, checks, and behaviors can be modified directly from the AXP365 client, and modifications apply directly in the mobile app.

User security can be maintained from the ERP client so you can provide access to the relevant menu to only authorized users. Users are assigned to different production warehouses, and the worker can execute material consumption in the relevant warehouse only.

Manufacturers in highly regulated industries are leveraging the AXP365 warehouse management app to stay compliant and productive. Contact us today to learn more about how to support your organization and its mobile device growth through the app.