GMP Plant Maintenance


Efficient administration and control over plant equipment and other assets plays a critical role in production and ultimately, profitability. Success depends on multiple variables: daily oversight, regular inspections and service, precise management of specialized maintenance activities, and compliance with GxP guidelines. A successful GMP Plant Maintenance program reduces equipment downtime, improves resource utilization, and streamlines your service operations.

GMP Plant Maintenance offers the ideal solution for these challenges. For pharmaceutical, chemicals, and life sciences companies that focus on planned maintenance of production plants and equipment, GMP Plant Maintenance helps ensure timely, cost-effective production, optimal delivery performance, and full traceability for critical and regulated equipment.

GMP Plant Maintenance integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help you:

  • Manage and track plant and equipment maintenance for machinery, scales, instruments, and other critical assets
  • Generate preventive and adhoc work orders for servicing plants and equipment


Improve maintenance performance by improving insight

Monitor production and address maintenance issues proactively, based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Equipment Uptime
  • Meantime between Inspections (MTBI)
  • Meantime between Failures (MTBF)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
Optimize production capacity and reduce breakdown risks

Count on realistic production planning, reliable order-to-delivery schedules, and optimized capacity. Quick access to equipment overviews and robust maintenance features ensure that machines are monitored and serviced to optimize machine usage and availability with minimal downtime.

Close tracking of spare parts and consumables for production equipment

Control and monitor complex maintenance and cost variations with complete tracking for spare parts consumption and inspection needs.

Work with one integrated solution that drives accuracy, efficiency, and ROI

GMP Plant Maintenance is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, with cross-module integration that minimizes solution costs, connects costing and billing across the complete ERP system, and lets users work within a single, easy to use, simple visual interface.

Easily support specialized requirements

Along with robust equipment management capabilities, GMP Plant Maintenance offers applications to support service and maintenance contracts for machine producers. GMP Plant Maintenance offer a GANTT board to visualize Scheduled Maintenance Orders.

Multi-level object and workflow control
  • An intuitive and multilevel object and workflow control enables you to manage complex equipment maintenance far better than in the past. For example, objects can be built up as a tree, making it easy to navigate different hierarchy levels and at the same time maintain an overview of the entire structure. This allows users to control statistical data both for individual levels or as a sum of all connected levels.
Preventive Maintenance
  • The multilevel control permits create the base for preventive maintenance. This is done for example by attaching any object to one or more planning sequences. And then, the Planning data are collected in a calendar that serves as a base for executing single work orders, consistently with the overall maintenance plan. Preventive maintenance controls and monitor calibration of scales and other instruments.
Material and resource maintenance planning consistent with the production plan
  • During preventive maintenance planning, the production plan is automatically feeding the system. For example, if maintenance for specific machines will stop production, that information is entered into the plan. With preventive maintenance, users can simulate future alternative production plans to calculate the expected total number of hours that each object/machine will need for maintenance.
Spare Parts Management
  • The GMP Plant Maintenance Master Planning function includes any type of planned maintenance, including the impact on spare parts stocks in time.
Workflow and Electronic Signatures
  • The GMP Plant Maintenance includes workflow options to manage different types of work orders that will appropriately set up in the system. A workflow can be created on a job type to ensure that a work order always follows a pre-defined approval process and traces all approvals. The use of the Electronic signature feature offers a precise tracking of these steps. Setup options include the ability to prevent users from deviating from a workflow. The control is immediate and intuitive. At any stage of a workflow, the process can be illustrated with colors and/or a graphical representations.
  • To assure control and traceability of maintenance activities for critical pieces of equipment in regulated environments, work order processing functions include electronic signature requirements in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.
Spare Parts Reporting
  • Spare parts consumption triggers the system to automatically document and track all used spare parts. Users can quickly access an overview of consumption and a full history of which spare parts were and currently are connected to the maintenance object.
Inventory Management/Maintenance
  • When planning preventive maintenance, stock control will automatically record specific maintenance performed in any given period. Spare parts actual consumption therefore helps to planned in advance supply to protect against out-of-stock risks. GMP Plant Maintenance also offers advanced inventory management functionality.