World Leader in Gene Therapy Products Seeks to Integrate Siloed Operations
Gene Therapy Producer


Belonging to a large consortium of pharmaceutical organizations, this biotechnology company has captured attention with advances in viral-based gene therapy development. They also provide services for other pharmaceutical corporations to help them advance their manufacturing efforts.


With a multitude of siloed operations, and relying heavily on paper-based processes, the client greatly needed to leverage technology to streamline their business model for improved cost-saving and productivity. The company had also experienced significant issues effectively capturing materials-costing throughout processes in the production chain. In the absence of this accountability, quality management was negatively impacted. Limited capabilities to manage their broad external laboratory testing efforts also added an additional burden as they sought to maintain visibility.


To digitally transform from paper-based processes, and in order to create a cohesiveness across disparate operations, the client readily embraced a single fully integrated ERP to replace its legacy solutions. They implemented, AXP365 Extended ERP Pharma™ which is natively integrated within Microsoft Dynamics. In addition to this, the AX for Pharma 365™ team implemented the best practices based AXP365 Advanced Quality Management™ (LIMS product) and AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management modules. This provided clear accountability for quality, sophisticated warehousing and distribution of products. Unified data visibility and accelerated production with transparency across functional areas was also realized.