Leading pharmaceutical innovator digitally transforms with AX for Pharma’s ERP solution
EVER Pharma Group

Executive Summary

EVER Pharma Group is a global pharmaceutical specialist focused on the research, development, production, and distribution of products in neurology and specialty injectables. They were successfully expanding business and needed to upgrade existing technologies and their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Using AX for Pharma allowed them to improve finance and operations and achieve digital transformation goals.

Success Story

Lack of support and functionality prevents innovation

EVER Pharma Group needed to invest in a new production facility, which required an evolution of its existing solutions and ERP system that was no longer supported by Microsoft. Dynamics AX 2012 RS also lacked functionality—compromising the organization’s ability to meet compliance standards. The group needed to further develop and improve GMP compliance and validation standards at its new production facility, and knew it needed to upgrade.

The organization was also running into issues when trying to interface with third-party systems. Interfacing with the warehouse management system (WMS) for example, resulted in a great deal of required additional work to ensure complete traceability, and the group needed to manually update incorrect inventory in its external weighing and dispensing systems as well.

EVER Pharma Group was already working with AX for Pharma because of its life sciences industry solutions and expertise, but it had a separate partner for other technology investments. When the group realized that partner did not have the pharmaceutical expertise AX for Pharma had, they decided to go with AX for Pharma for the ERP upgrade.

A fully integrated, scalable ERP solution unique to pharmaceuticals

AX for Pharma recommended that EVER Pharma Group upgrade to Dynamics AX 2012 R3 to eliminate numerous customizations, resolve existing problems, and support plans for growth. As the only partner worldwide with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, AX for Pharma devoted itself to building, implementing, and validating a GMP-compliant solution for EVER Pharma Group.

AX for Pharma has several specializations in multinational ERP implementations for life sciences companies, and it brought that expertise to EVER Pharma Group’s need for certain validations. With a specifically designed system to address EVER Pharma Group’s unique requirements, AX for Pharma upgraded Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 to R3 with several optimizations.

A single, integrated platform helped improve EVER Pharma Group’s end-to-end operations and financial management, and a suite of modules including AXP Advanced Quality Management (LIMS) and AXP Weighing & Dispensing addressed the group’s need to ensure quality control and support precise, timely inventory adjustments. The group was also able to integrate a new WMS to improve productivity across the board.

Saving time and money and supporting growth

With its new ERP system, EVER Pharma Group has harmonized its financial processes across its entire organization. It was able to eliminate 55 percent of its customizations in its old ERP solution that had continuously inhibited performance and workflow. The group now has a single, standardized platform for pharma finance and operations with dozens of process enhancements—a priority for EVER Pharma Group.

The organization also has been able to save hours per week by eliminating manual entry associated with its medical device suppliers, and it has heightened security as a result of AX for Pharma’s focus on validation. The group has consolidated user roles and permissions, greatly simplifying user management.

EVER Pharma Group now has the ability to expand its business with technology that supports its efforts. AX for Pharma remains alongside the group to provide personalized support and act as an ongoing resource for any future needs.