CoreRx Digitalizes Operations for Efficiency and Innovation with AX for Pharma

Executive Summary

As a leading Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), CoreRx provides a complete spectrum of cGMP solutions for pharmaceutical dosage form and takes care of delivering value-added solutions from clinical to commercial scales. As paper-based and manual processes were hindering its growth process, AX for Pharma came into play to digitalize their operations, thus increasing efficiency and sustaining the company’s growth.

Success Story

CoreRx Digitalizes Operations for Efficiency and Innovation with AX for Pharma

Like many pharmaceutical organizations, CoreRx was relying heavily on paper-based and manual processes thus limiting their ability to grow. AX for Pharma helped it overhaul its operations to achieve its goals.


The Life Sciences industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical organizations are trying to keep up. Digitization, innovation, and changing patient demand are driving forces in the transformation for many Life Sciences businesses—especially pharmaceuticals.

As a leading CDMO, CoreRx found itself held back by paper-based processes and non-integrated systems that led to some inefficiencies in operations. The company was working with duplicate data and redundant steps to ensure compliance with regulations that were not just inhibiting it from achieving its full potential but, in some cases, posing risks from a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) perspective.

The company knew it needed to digitalize its operations and integrate with finance to support the company growth. CoreRx selected AX for Pharma to help streamline the activities.


AX for Pharma provided AX for Pharma 365™ powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the first step in supporting CoreRx’s digitalization of finance and operations—guiding the CoreRx team through best practices.

During the first phase of the project, CoreRx successfully eliminated paper from its warehouse and manufacturing floors. It also integrated finance and operations with a modern solution that offers:

  • Inventory visibility
  • Traceability of lots and containers
  • Compliant management of controlled substances
  • Control of storage conditions for temperature-sensitive products


Successful solutions start with understanding the Customer Business Processes and then providing the best implementation and validation services. At Ax for Pharma, we provide our customers with the support of a global organization renowned for the most comprehensive ERP solution for Life Sciences combined with the highest levels of service.

AX for Pharma worked side by side with CoreRx to design, configure, test, and validate the new ERP solution, providing:

  • Implementation and validation services
  • Training
  • Preparation of validation documents, such as the Infrastructure Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) protocols.


AX for Pharma 365™ powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 serves as the perfect-fit foundation for CoreRx’s current and future expansions.
With the solution, CoreRx has eliminated duplicate data— ensuring a single source of truth. The organization is able to leverage modern tools for warehouse operations such as a mobile app and integration with barcode printers and scanners—streamlining processes and reducing paper.

AX for Pharma and CoreRx have plans to embark on future project phases, such as the implementation of a solution for project management and accounting, a sophisticated costing model, and a weighing and dispensing system that integrates with electronic scales.

CoreRx has seen a tangible, positive change in culture and collaborative mindset. In its integrated ERP environment, its departments now work together in tandem throughout processes instead of in fragmented or in siloed ways. Each team recognizes the role of each department and how they contribute to completing full processes.

“From a technical standpoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the right solution for our very dynamic industry because it is robust yet flexible, but AX for Pharma 365™ was the indispensable extension to address all our requirements without costly and risky customizations.”