Pharmaceutical Company Scales for Growth & Innovation
Contract Manufacturing Organization


This pharmaceutical company supports both clinical and commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing processes in North America. With an established process and great talent, the company was growing operationally with increasing revenue opportunities.


Like many established organizations, they were hindered from scaling by tedious paper-based processes. These same manual processes and procedures were also impeding accuracy in financial accounting, material costing, and manufacturing variances. Not surprisingly, they also faced the challenge of segmented data across finance and production systems. This greatly limited their visibility that could enable them to quickly respond to operational trends or production issues.


The AX for Pharma 365™ team completed a comprehensive discovery, aligning its best practice solutions to address identified challenges which had been limiting continued growth. Microsoft Dynamics ERP, along with the proven AXP365 Extended ERP Pharma™, AXP365 Advanced Quality Management™ and AXP365 Advanced Warehouse Management™ modules were implemented. Paper-based activities were transformed with process automation, data sets were harmonized and made available for accurate real-time reporting, achieving a scalable synergy across operational areas. Today, the customer has recognized increased revenue and expanded their production into new site locations.