What's the Best ERP System for the Pharmaceutical Industry?

On January 12, 2023

Since most ERPs aren’t developed for Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical companies have limited options.

Like all large organizations, multi-national Pharmaceutical companies, Biotech firms, and Medical Device manufacturers need an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to automate and optimize key business processes.

General ERPs, however, fail to account for the specific compliance and risk mitigation needs of Life Sciences organizations, such as the ability to account for controlled raw ingredients and facilitate rapid recalls of specific batches of drugs if a safety issue is identified.

Life Sciences organizations typically need an ERP system that can ensure GxP across these areas:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • LIMS/Advanced Quality Management
  • Clinical supplies
  • Advanced Warehouse Management
  • Weighing and dispensing

Choose Configuration over Customization

To obtain these sector-specific capabilities, pharmaceutical companies and other Life Sciences organizations often choose to develop customizations to work with whichever general business ERP they prefer. These customizations are typically engineered with the help of consultants who understand best practices for Life Sciences business process optimization. While they definitely get the job done, they’re very costly and complex.

A better alternative is to choose an ERP partner that combines Life Sciences expertise with purpose-built, industry-specific modules that can be more easily configured to meet the needs of Pharmaceutical companies right out of the box.

This type of solution reduces operational and regulatory compliance vulnerabilities without the need for time-consuming and expensive customizations.

Get Started with AX for Pharma —A Certified Microsoft Gold Partner

At AX for Pharma, we’re dedicated to helping Pharmaceutical companies and other Life Sciences organizations adapt Microsoft’s premier ERP system for industry-specific functionality.

Our powerful GAMP 5 Category 4 (configurable) solution delivers the industry-specific modules that Life Sciences firms need across five key areas: supply chain management, LIMS/Advanced Quality Management, Clinical Supplies, Warehouse Management, and Weighing and Dispensing.

For companies that want to migrate their ERP systems to the cloud, we also offer a complete suite of Cloud Compliance modules to ensure peak performance and compliance after every Microsoft upgrade.

By providing the only purpose-built ERP add-on for clinical and commercial Life Sciences activities, AX for Pharma ensures that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best ERP for pharmaceutical companies.