5 Steps to Streamlining Weighing and Dispensing with a Mobile Workstation

On October 5, 2021

Ease and efficiency are key benefits of a mobile workstation for weighing and dispensing, and installing one is definitely worth the effort as related to meeting the cleaning requirements for good manufacturing practice (GMP) environments.

Let’s start at the beginning and cover five steps to streamlining your weighing and dispensing operations:

1. What is a mobile workstation for weighing and dispensing?

A mobile workstation for weighing and dispensing is a combination of two separate systems. These systems include a computer screen with a built-in touchscreen interface on one side and an attached pharmacy countertop station containing scales, printers, and barcode scanners on the other side.

2. How is a mobile workstation different from a traditional workbench?

The mobile workstation is designed to be networked and can communicate wirelessly with devices such as scales, printers, and barcode scanners. This enables companies to keep the computer screen, keyboard, and other electronic devices outside the GMP-compliant clean zone near the scales.

3. How does a mobile workstation work?

Since it is equipped with a touchscreen monitor, the mobile workstation can display data from the scales and can be connected to the weighing and dispensing equipment via Ethernet ports. When installed quickly and easily in carrying cases with wheels, a mobile workstation allows technicians to move around freely while performing their tasks at different locations while on site.

4. What are the benefits of this mobile workstation?

Reduces the need for additional equipment investments:
Having a mobile workstation that can be used for multiple weighing booths can help save money. The same workstation can be moved and used for different weighing booths depending on the needs. Additionally, a mobile workstation can be configured to work with new booths so there is no need to invest in new equipment for every new booth.

Reduces the costs for equipment maintenance:
A mobile workstation is designed for safety and convenience. The electronic devices are kept outside the controlled clean room and kept from being in contact with aggressive chemicals used for cleaning and disinfecting the weighing and dispensing equipment. This means that computer screens and devices are less subject to damages, and companies don’t need to buy disposable plastic covers to protect them.

Reduces cleaning time:
The less surface area that needs to be cleaned; the less time it takes to get the task done. The same is true for weighing booths. A mobile workstation that is used by staff just outside the controlled area will not require the same level of cleaning, which results in making the cleaning operations inside the booth go faster and ultimately shortening delivery time to customers.

5. How can AX for Pharma 365 Weighing and Dispensing™ help with a mobile workstation?

AX for Pharma 365 Weighing and Dispensing™ supports the implementation of mobile workstations for weighing operations with feature such as:

  1. Integration with networked weighing equipment
  2. Management of multiple booths for different purposes
  3. Selection of the working booth upon login into the workstation.

In an ever-changing workplace environment, a mobile workstation can increase employee productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction. Contact us today to move your business forward with a mobile workstation.